In the chocolates of life, we are the dipped strawberries

Berry Chic- the long haul is almost over and we should take this time to to indulge in a little sweet on sweet treat. Of course this is because not only do we deserve it, but in essence we as PR professionals are chocolate covered strawberries. Cultivated by the years of previous schooling we’ve come into our post grad year only to layer our already “sweet” characteristics with an extra coating for good measures. Sit back, relax, enjoy a movie and get dippin!

From the grocery cart:


  • strawberries
  • semi sweet dark chocolate
  • gel icing if you want to get creative 


Line large baking sheet with waxed paper. Rinse strawberriesand pat dry with paper towels. In separate small, microwave-safe bowls (such as custard cups) melt chocolates, one at a time, in microwave at 50-percent (medium) power, allowing 1 1/2 to 2 minutes each. Stir until smooth. (If not completely melted, microwave a few seconds longer.) Or, melt chocolate as package directs.

Holding strawberry by stem end, dip into chocolate to cover about three-fourths of berry and lay on baking sheet. 

For Double- and Triple-Dipped Strawberries: After first coating of chocolate is set, dip into white chocolate, leaving the dark chocolate exposed. 

To Drizzle Strawberries with Chocolate: Microwave chocolate in small plastic bag until melted; squeeze into one corner of bag. Lay strawberries close together on baking sheet. With scissors, cut a small hole in corner of bag, and move back and forth overstrawberries, squeezing bag gently. Refrigerate until set.

Microwave melting times vary with amount of chocolate so keep a watchful eye.

Until next time on reading it then eating it, thank you for heckin out the Tasty Dish



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The day after a bubbly pop…or three

Picture this: You’re at your PR party at the Office downtown St.Catharines. You are hanging out with great friends, the music is pumpin’, and the sent of gourmet food lingers in the air. Oh, did I mention that cocktails and jag is flowing like a river? Well oh course each and every one of us is beginning to relax after a long and hard working semester so not kick it up a notch and have a few more bubbly pops to congratulate yourself? Then all of a sudden, it’s three in the morning and you‘ve hung up your dancing shoes for the night.

Picture this: it’s eight in the morning and you have to work for nine… did I mention that this is the day after your bubbly pop dance party? You drag yourself out o bed and to the fridge only to find that you milk has expired and your roommate ate our last egg and left the empty carton sitting on the self. What to do, what to do. Then a bell goes off inside. DINGDINGDINGDING. Something ingenious comes to you, why not save your self the hassle of making a “day after a fun filled night” kind of breakfast and hop in your car and head to the nearest golden arches. Yes, I said it. I am encouraging each and everyone of you to indulge in one of the many delights in life…. Greasy, greasy and one more time, greasy breakfast. If you have not caught onto what I am referring to I will give you one more hint… this place has a special place in my heart, this place is McDonalds. Okay, I know what everyone is thinking… am I nuts? Maybe.. but that isn’t what I am discussing today, the key to fast food it moderation. Don’t go out and eat it every morning, every day and every night. First of all, that’s ridiculous and it doesn’t prove anything (sorry “Supersize Me”) because if I ate nothing but carrots and lima beans for a whole month my body would be shut down. You see, that would prove nothing. Secondly, as I mentioned before MODERATION “the avoidance of excess or extremes, esp. in one’s behavior; PHRASES

in moderation within reasonable limits; not to excess : nuts can be eaten in moderation.

ORIGIN late Middle English : via Old French from Latin moderatio(n-), from the verb moderare ‘to control’ “ Well, you see, consumtion of a tasty treat after you much deserved PR party is completely acceptable, if you aren’t convinced I will offer some positive information on this hot topic.


You might ask the following  “How does the quality of McDonald’s food compare to the food I serve at home?”

Well Sally Jones, many of the products at McDonald’s are the same trusted brands you might purchase at the local grocery store and serve in your own home. McDonalds (yes Ronald himself) seeks out fresh produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, apples and grapes, quality buns and potatoes, pure ground beef, select poultry and fish and wholesome dairy products. McDonalds eggs are delivered on average twice per week. OR you might ask the following: “How do you make the Egg McMuffin eggs round?”

Well Sally Jones, McDonalds uses a specially designed egg-ring. It makes perfectly circular eggs for our Egg McMuffin Sandwiches each and every time.

So there you have it. This may not be the most intricate recipe, but it is just as delicious as any breakfast I would have made on a tiresome morning are a few bubble pops. Until next time on reading it, then eating it, thank you for reading the tasty dish


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Breakfast of Campions

Okay Cinnamon Toast Crunch, move over. Breakfast of champions has arrived. As my friend and I gear up for a long day at our event for the Children’s Foundation, we will need massive amounts of nutrients to get us through our 12 hour day. I don’t know about you, but I love breakfast. I love it so much I would eat it for lunch and dinner. …okay I do already. So to all of you who skip out on the best part of the day, here are some reasons why you should never pass on  the big “B” word…breakfast

  1. keeps your brain alive
  2. Eating breakfast has an advantageous effect on late-morning mood- gives you 16 hours of energy!
    1. Eating breakfast maintains a healthy weight

    Now that everyone is good and excited about eating breaky, I will share with you a little something I whipped up in five minutes this morning. from

    from the grocery cart

    • avocado
    • wraps
    • cheese
    • green pepper
    • eggs 
    • salsa



    Scramble up an egg.. or two (tasty hint- add a tiny bit of milk to keep the eggs fluffy). Get out your wrap (I used a spinach wrap from the Superstore for $2.96) and pack it with avocado and cheese. Toss a few green peppers or any veggie in the mix and add a bit of pepper. When your eggs are cook to tasty goodness, toss it on your wrap, top with a little bit of salsa and close ‘er up. PRESTO! Now you will have 16 hours of energy. If you are feeelng really adventurous, maybe even wash  it down with a cold glass of milk or orange juice. Tasty hint* if you want to kick it up a notch add that delicious Franks Hot Sauce. sizzzzzzle. Well until next time on reading it, then eating it, I hope you enjoyed todays tasty dish.-cheers 

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    I know, it is crunch time. As the count down begins, so does the rush of our end of the year assignments. Now, I dont know about you but when I am doing homework, I snack and snack…and snack. Event though, ketchup chips and pizza pockets are always at fingers reach, the best food for long study nights are the kinds that boost your energy and give you the brain power you need to think.  Now what I am suggesting, most run and hide from… I mean it took me 15 years to actually enjoy and respect this food group. In fact, I would always detest this pretty green things and refer to them as “boring and way to much chewing”. With my newfound respect for freshness, as opposed to frozen goodies,  I would like to share this glorious brain energizer with tired students everywhere. As most have probably guessed, I am promoting the world of eating salad. Before you scrunch your nose, as I always did, just know that a hearty salad promotes a healthy lifestyle and increases energy levels. So trade in that boring can of red bull and reach for a colourful selection of crunchy veggies. Get ready to step into the wonderful world of salad.Salad can be as creative and colorful as you want it, so feel free to add any vegetables that I have not.Right from the crisper: 

    •  cucumbers
    • tomatoes
    • lettuce, spring mix, or baby spinach
    From somewhere else in the fridge:
    • marble cheese
    • an avocado
    • one egg
    • fresh shrimp
    • walnuts or almonds (okay these are in the cupboard)
    Alright lets get started! Get that water boiling and toss in your raw shrimp until they are pink (2 minutes). Once hat is really leave to cool and boil some water for your egg. Then choose a dressing of choice, I used rasberry, and pour some on top of your freshly diced cucumbers and tomatoes with a little bit of salt and pepper. Dice your cheese and cut up your avocado. Once your egg is ready, give ‘er a peel slice is up. Its almost ready! Place that fresh green stuff on a giant plate, you’ll need the extra leafy goodness for your late nights, and top with your dressing cucumber/tomato mix. Throw your shrimp and cheese on and finish it with your sliced eggs and avocado.
    TAAAADDAAAAAA, there it is.. your brain food. Thanks for taking time out of your busy student life for reading it, then eating it. Until next time on the tasty dish.

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    Happiness for $5.95, any takers?

    Anyone who is tired, stressed out, up to their eyeballs in schoolwork AND hungry, raise your hand and say “I”.  So my arm cant stretch any further and I believe my roommates and my neighbours roommates heard me shout “I”. I think I’ve made it clear to myself that it is time for the most fabulous delicious dinner yet. On top of the tasty factor, this is the most hassle free dinner you will have. So why didn’t I share this secret in my first blog? Well, back then (a mere three weeks ago), homework didn’t seem to consume every fraction of my life. Now, I have homework coming out of my eyelashes. Got to love student life. So the moment you have all been waiting for, now follow closely to ensure the fine art of this dinner…

    Step one: Take Delicio Pizza out of the freezer

    Step two: follow instructions

    Step three: eat and enjoy.

     happiness has arrived

    I know what you are thinking. This is the most spectacular creation ever in which I agree that you are correct. Not only is this not time consuming but it hits the spot. How know happiness came for the low price of $5.95. So to all you students who want a little breather and a chance to enjoy the simple things in life head to your neighbourhood grocery’s freezer, because who are we kidding cooking while stressed? As if we need more of that.

    Until next time, thanks for reading it than eating it on the tasty dish

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    Simple Pasta for the hungry taste buds

    Okay,so I was driving along enjoying tunes blasting from the stereo when my hungry tummy overpowered Jack Johnsons guitar riff with a crying growl. Mind you, this was just about the time when I was passing my favorite food establishment. Ahhh those golden arches so beckoning, so alluring so…. ooops will you look at that I’m pulling up to the drive through. Some blame laziness but I blame magnetic fields. Obviously. But this time I did a loop-dee-loop and out the exit I went.  Now this rarely happens, but I thought of my lonely vegetables in the crisper and how there they would sit until either my roommate or I found them, wrinkled from the exhaustion of sad lonely tears. Clearly, my imagery was due to hunger thoughts and thats when I decided to make a tasty dish to nourish those brain cells.This pasta dish is quite simple, but hey I am a student and understandably most of our cupboard doors aren’t bursting from ingredients overload. I think this simple pasta treat is delicious, yes even in between heaping mouthfuls of pasta I managed to ponder on that thought. So fellow students, get out that pot of water and throw on your apron because here is your 11 minute and 7 second recipe on reading, then eating it!From the grocery cart:

    • tomatoes
    • onions
    • mushrooms
    • red and green peppers
    • tomato sauce
    • cheese please
    • chicken
    • music of choice

    pasta day 

    Alright everyone, fill up a pot of water and get that thing a boiling. Throw that CD in the stereo and get those beats a pumpin’. While your getting your sing into the sauce spoon groove on start chopping up your ingredients. But please refrain from doing these two things at once. Next, in one lightly oiled pan start grilling the your sliced chicken breast, and in another get your red and green peppers a sizzlin’. These ingredients take the longest to sautee. Tasty tip *feel free to use pre-cooked chicken.  The chicken should take about 5 minutes but once it is ready toss in your onions and mushrooms. Next take your sauce of choice and add it to the pepper mix along with your diced tomatoes and keep on simmer. Tasty Tip* want homemade sauce? SIMPLE! All you need is tomato paste, diced tomatoes, cream, butter and basil.Now everything should be just about ready! Check to make sure your pasta doesn’t bounce away on you, it should not be rubbery. If so, keep boiling my friend. Alright, toss the pasta into the pan with the chicken shake it around a bit (this is we our stylish groovin moves come in handing) and toss ‘er on your plate. Cover the pasta with your steaming pepper sauce and top with fresh grated cheese. Voila! 11 minutes and 7 seconds later you have an amazing dinner. I think vino is in store for this celebration *try Stoney Ridge Merlot…mmmm mmmmm enjoy my hungry friends, enjoy!

    Until next time on the tasty dish 

    Hope you enjoyed reading it, then eating it! 

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    The Sunday adventures of the foodless cupboard

    Okay, so it is sunday afternoon and you have a snack attack. Off to the cupboard you go, only to find the remanence of a bag of chips and something that looks like a half eaten bagel ( “oh that’s where it went”). Yikes. Alright, no problem. Off the grocery store you go only to to find that your wallet has three crumpled five dollar bills and bits of change. Double yikes. So that’s where this fabulous idea for a great hot sandwich followed by three days of meals, come along. The bonus here is, you only need about twenty bucks and these few ingredients. Alright hungry students here we go. ten minutes to a yummy dish. Day 1 on reading it, then eating it.       

                  grocery cart goodies  
                Grocery cart of goodies
                Helpful hint *keep it colourful! Green, red, white, yellow- not only does it make the dish look great, but your body will thank you!
         grilled goodness 
    Ten minutes to this grilled goodness        


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    Hello world!

    Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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